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Hello friends! What’s keeping you’ll busy this summer? Hasn’t it turned out to be just too hot and we can’t wait for the skies to pour? I am sure, a lot of us must have taken days off to beat the heat in some cooler city. While some of us are still here in the city trying to battle the sun in better ways. Ramadan is starting by the end of the week and the next 30 days will be keeping me on toes due to lots of festive preparations. Hence, I quickly wanted to share with you guys my quick 3 days stay-cation details in Alibaug. I haven’t traveled in a while now and desperately wanted a break from the routine. So we thought of taking a few days off from the city with family at a calm place before Ramadan begins. While shortlisting the location (somewhere around Mumbai) and Hotel, I stumbled upon this resort called U Tropicana in Alibaug. We only had 3 days in hand so we decided to zero down on this place.

We drove to Alibaug in a car, so it took us almost 2.5 hours to reach the resort. Since it was an early morning drive, we even halted at Mc Donalds for breakfast. The resort is 30 mins away from the Alibaug city and as we reached in the morning by around 10AM, we had the whole day to ourselves. The best part about this resort is that there’s no good phone network connection here which actually cuts down you from the hustle and helps you relax and rejuvenate for the next few days until your stay. But they are offering a 24×7 free WiFi connection just in case of emergency access to the network. The resort has a set of activities dedicated to keep you occupied throughout the day. To name a few are – Games area, Gym, Spa, Cycling, Swimming Pool, Library, Swing in the open air, Open Restaurants & Bar, Gardens to enjoy long walks along the aisle, etc. The resort also offers Villas with private swimming pool and car parking areas for big fat Indian families. Ah, and by-the-way, your day at the resort begins with a lavish breakfast which also happens to be the most important day of the meal. The breakfast setup will not let you down and definitely lifts your mood to a great start of the day.

Since we only had 3 days in hand, I also wanted to visit the Alibaug city, the beaches and shop for a few food items, pickles which is not easily available here in Mumbai and of course at a much cheaper price. It’s a very small city, not too many fancy places to visit or shop. If only you are a fan of visiting museums, unlike me, it will be an add on to your knowledge. The beaches are nice and clean. They have really cool water sports to offer like, banana boat sailing, para gliding, motor boats and also ships which takes you from one point to another. I got a chance to visit the very famous Alibaug Beach (which is now only famous for water sports, so go prepared 😉 ) and Nagaon Beach which also offers water sports along with Horse/Camel rides and wide spread sand covered areas to take a walk at while watching the sunset. On our way back from Nagaon Beach, we halted at a local market in the village located at the outskirts of the beach where you can buy various types of pickles and other food items made of Garcinia Indica (famously known as Kokam), at a much affordable price. Not to forget, Alibaug is famous for seafood, so list down everything you want to have in fishes and indulge in them without any hesitation.

Summing up my 3 days stay as a refreshing and relaxing stay-cation. Alibaug is not a very fascinating or eye-candy place, but a small and clean city where you can spend your weekends with family away from the city life. It gives you a sense of staying connected to your roots, especially if you’re on a mission to explore India.

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