Summer Must Haves

Summer is about to end as rainy season is arriving soon. But you never know how long they anyways last. It’s all about managing yourself from this heat while on the go. Let us just take a look if we have the following before we plan to leave our house in this scorching heat, apart from wallet which is definitely a must-carry in your handbag.

1 – Water Bottle – Always carry a small bottle of water with you to keep yourself hydrated in this heat. You never know when you need it.


2 – Small Umbrella – A must have to protect you and your skin most importantly from sun tan, heat and dehydration.


3 – Sunscreen – Never leave your home without apply a sunscreen with an SPF suitable for your skin. Be it any season, apply sunscreen religiously as it is really helpful.


4 – Compact – One cannot maintain the freshness of face all day in this summer. But a compact will help to an extent. It not only removes the excess oil from the face but also makes it look hydrated and fresh.


5 – Lip Balm – Summer tends to leave everything dry and sweaty. It is always a good idea to carry a tinted or a non-tinted lip balm rather than showing off your chapped or cracked lips which is definitely a big no for women on the go.


6 – Wet Wipes – If you feel tired or look a bit dull, wipe your face with a wet wipe to restore the freshness to an extent.


7 – Sanitizer – A sanitizer is your best friend to have this season. So pin up a bottle in your handbag and clean your hands as often as you need to, to keep the infections at bay.


8 – Hairpins And Hair Bands – Leaving your hair loose in this heat is not a comfortable option or even if you do so, you may need hairpins or hair bands sometime later during your travel. So always carry a few hairpins and hair band for an instant hair-do. Hair tends to be frizzy this season and do hold on hair styles for long and hence, you will definitely need them.


9 – Sunglasses – Don’t forget to leave your house without sunglasses. They might be worn as a style statement in other seasons but during summer they help you escape heat. A good sunglasses with UV protected frames is a must have in summer.


10 – Deo – Summer means frequent sweating and deos are a must-carry to keep you fresh. It also helps keep your body odour-free and fresh with a sweet scented fragrance.


11 – Small Towel – Keep a small towel in your handbag. You may wash your face and hands quite often this season, and having a small towel could come handy in drying yourself.


12 – Stole – Just keep a stole, preferably made of cotton in your handbag as it might help you cover your face when you have to walk in sun. It also helps you protect your hair from this heat.


Let me know what is your Summer must have in the comment section below :)


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