Are Stockings Still In Style?

Well, that’s a tricky question to answer because we don’t often spot every next girl adorning a fancy stocking while heading out for work or fun. But, yes. Definitely! Stockings are in style, in fact, stockings are a part of any women’s outfit from the olden times. Even the Royal’s have been known to make stunning fashion statements with the stockings. Stockings are also a must-have for specific occasions. Stockings never truly go out of style. They are a classic staple in any elegant woman’s wardrobe. Many workplaces require you to cover your legs for proprietary reasons, and nude stockings do the trick nicely. In fact, every year we see new players in the market, reinventing this essential wardrobe accessory. 

Stockings keep making a comeback at regular intervals. It’s a fun piece of clothing that can be styled in multiple creative ways. Like we have seen them paired under ripped jeans, under mini skirts and dresses, even peeking out above a pant’s waistline. They now come in so many different patterns, textures and colours. When wearing the right kind of stocking that suits your personality, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to the age of Marilyn Monroe, not to mention you’ll fit right in. You will also spot celebrities like Selena Gomez, Emma Roberts, Katy Perry & more, out and about flashing fancy stockings that end up becoming a style statement for many.  

Check out how you can flaunt stockings with the latest fashion trends:

  • Above the waistband of your jeans
  • Under your ripped jeans
  • Fishnets with a feminine dress
  • With high-waisted shorts

If you want to rock these styles or start a trend of your own, you can find more styles online.

Stockings are not just a piece a cloth anymore used to hide, skin, it is an accessory that adds oomph and value to your complete look at upgrading your fashion level. A good pair of stockings will add volumes to a woman’s feminine mystique. Though there are ladies everywhere, yet to incorporate stockings in their lifestyle comfortably. Today, while it may not be compulsory for ladies to wear sheer nude stockings, stylish people everywhere understand that legs are a canvas for colour and texture. So to answer the question: Are stockings in style? And furthermore, who wears stockings? The answer is – Yes! Stockings are in style – Women who are eager to express their creativity and individuality wear this fabulous accessory. Regardless of race and age, it’s time for you to become bold and daring and show the world how fabulous you are with luxury hosiery! Upgrade your wardrobe with stockings that are available in different styles and patterns comprising of full length, knee length, seamless, sheer and printed stockings to rock any outfit.

Image Courtesy – Pinterest

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