So Fever Her – By Oriflame


So Fever Her Eau de Parfum – Oriflame

Perfumes should be defined as the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory of fashion that heralds your arrival and prolongs your departure. They add so much poise and elegance to your personality and to the memory that stays with the near and dear ones forever. Selecting a perfect fragrance that speaks about your attitude and personality is no easy job. Not everything suits all. Perfume is the most intense form of memory and hence the right perfume and it’s fragrance will just enhance your style without having to speak much.

I can proudly say that I love wearing perfume every time I decide to step outside the house with an attitude of leaving a mark on the people I meet. It acts like a second skin to your body. Recently I added Oriflame‘s newly launched So Fever Her Eau de Parfum to my perfume collection and I am quite in love with the new addition.

So Fever Her is a provocative fragrance that teases the skin with a seductive blend of crisp blackcurrant, sultry sweet sandalwood and untamed Ginger Flower, enveloping the wearer in a fiery warmth. A playful and sexy scent that pushes the boundaries of passion and intensity.

VI Ratings: 4/5

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