Revamp Your Sunglasses Wardrobe

Seasons come and go, but there is never a time when you cannot NOT wear sunglasses before stepping out of the house for work or any event. Sunglasses help to raise the glam quotient at any point of day or season.

Did you know polarized sunglasses don’t block out UV rays? Or that bright red lipstick will highlight the shade of your set of shades? Sunglasses aren’t just a fashion statement anymore. They’re a necessary accessory that’ll reduce wrinkles, and save your eyes from cataract and skin cancer by UV exposure. Ok now this is too much of an off the track knowledge but definitely a one to keep in mind. And BTW sunglasses come in a bewildering variety of shapes, sizes, brands and hues to suit any type of face, skin tone and outfit. Now that’s a lot to choose from. That said, you probably should pay attention to a few key points such as sizes and fit to ensure you don’t just look good, but also avail maximum protection. So, put jewelry and sandals on hold this season because you have a fashion accessory to invest in.

Here are eight cool tips, along with eight different sunglasses to make a fashionable and healthy statement:

1 – Add a bit of style to your summer wardrobe with double bridge frames. Easy on eyes, and comfortable to wear, the smooth rounded profiles, and soft temple tips add a subtle feminine feel.

TIP – Polarized lenses do not block UV rays.

1427375665-373030002 – Nothing says unique and trendy quite like round frames. However these are not made for every face shape.

TIP – Sunglasses that are too large, or too small, can let in light from the sides.

P00094684-The-Row-8-round-frame-sunglasses-DETAIL_33 – Bright citrus reflectors won’t just stand out in a sea of black and brown tints, they’ll also jazz up a standard jeans –T-shirt combination.

TIP – No number of adjustments will make your sunglasses fit well, if they don’t sit perfectly on the bridge of your nose.


4 – If you’re tired of the typical sunglasses, the square profiled frames adds a modern elegance.

TIP – Angular glasses work better for rounder features, and angular features are best complicated by curved shapes.


5 – A pair of denim wayfarers declares it’s from a good ‘jean’ pool. The frames are made of strong denim, with a coating of polypropylene layers.

TIP – Wrap–around glasses (especially sportswear) will protect the delicate areas of your eyes from wrinkles longer, so wear them while driving.


6 – A classic ivory-black combination never fails to make a cool style statement in a searing hot summer.

TIP – Dark colours (for lenses) such as brown, grey and green are better for everyday use.


7 – Titanium frames with patented weld less hinges are amazingly light and surprisingly durable.

TIP – Bright, plastic frames offer a younger look, whereas wooden or darken frames will add a more responsible appeal.


8 – Sunglasses made of nylon fiber adds a starry glam with its dusting of glitter on the frames.

TIP – Nothing says fierce than bright red lipstick and a dark pair of frames.


So ladies, with which of these sunglasses are you making a statement this season, tell me in the comment section below.


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