Popping with #BisleriPOP

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From Left To Right: Bisleri Fonzo, Bisleri Spyci, Bisleri Pina Colada & Bisleri Limonata

As they say, “Good things come in small packages.” Bisleri has been a symbol of purity and trust since the last 50 years. They have always focused on providing with safe and best quality products. Generic name to water, Bisleri is one of the strongest and the most trusted brands in India till today. Recently they have launched a popping range of soft drinks called Bisleri Pop with unique tasting flavours like Bisleri Fonzo, Bisleri Spyci, Bisleri Pina Colada & Bisleri Limonata, at a very affordable price. And of course of the lot my favourite is Bisleri Spyci which tastes like kala khatta with a hint of spice 😉 Kala khatta has been a favourite flavour among the masses ranging from kids to oldies over the years and Bisleri just used the right trick to attract fans for it’s new drinks.

Bisleri never fails to surprise us with it’s new experimental inventions. And Bisleri Pop is a well founded invention or you can also call it fizzy fusion flavoured soft drinks. You are sure to love the other popping flavours too namely Limonata, Fonzo or Pina Colada just like how I am going gaga over Spyci. Also don’t forget to check out the cool yearly planner I received with these super funky drinks here.

VI Ratings: 3.5/5

Have you tried these drinks yet? Tell me what colour POP is on your mind in the comments below.

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2 Responses to “Popping with #BisleriPOP”

  1. nice to see these new refreshments among already existing brands..yes, kaala khatta has definitely been everyone’s favorite over the years, mine including! Nicely put up here, Zubi!
    Keep blogging and spreading smiles. Until your next blog, XOXO!

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