Oxford Golf Resort, Pune

Hello lovelies! What’s keeping you’ll busy? It’s work, work and work for me. The last week has been full of experiments and experiences, you all will see that soon. Inshallah! But after all that rut, I got to take a day-off for myself. Me along with a few fellow bloggers were invited to review this place called Oxford Golf Resort based in Pune. Ever heard of this place? Me neither. But now that I have experienced it, I just can’t stop raving about it everywhere and recommending it to all the class for a refreshing and rejuvenating experience. The Oxford Golf Resort is Pune’s most prestigious and exclusive five-star club providing a private world of beauty, recreation and fun. Rated No.1 in India and amongst the top 10 in Asia. After a good three and a half hour long drive by car from Mumbai and with a 20 minute halt in between, this place was worth the wait and excitement. As I always keep saying, meeting new people and collecting a lifetime of memories is the highlight of my job. This wonderful resort has successfully made its way to the book of my cherishable memories and I am so glad to be sharing it with you all.

This resort is a complete package for family that involves fun, adventure, relaxation and entertainment facilities. Like the name suggests, it has the perfect setting of wide-spread clean and green lawns for 18 holes to play competitive Golf. Not only does this place provides complete amenities to play your favorite sport, but also offers learning and training sessions to amateurs and juniors willing to play Golf from all over India. It also offers various camp facilities for different age groups. These camps make you indulge in various adventure sports like High Ropes, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Boot Camp, Archery, Paint Ball, Star Gazing, Mountain Biking, Horse Riding and many Outdoor Games too. All these activities are performed with proper harness, safety and guidance. We as guest got to experience them, according to our desires. It also gave us a small tracking like experience while finding our way to the activity area situated on the hill where all the major adventure sports mentioned above is practiced. Apart from these adventurous indulgences, this place also offers mind, coordination and trust games to practice. Head of the Adventure Operations took us around these activities, motivating each one of us to perform them. This place is 10-15 minutes away from the Golf Resort. A minibus or car could help you lead to the activity area.

After an hour of tiring session, we headed back to the resort for lunch. A specially curated menu was offered to each one of us depending upon our vegetarian and non-vegetarian preferences. From Appetizer to Entree to Main Course to Dessert, all these courses were well curated with a combination of cocktails and mocktails option for each. The look and taste of these platters were delicious and one of a kind. In between the meal, the chef took some sushi and cocktail making classes encouraging us to participate and make one ourselves. The hospitality and kindness of this place just amazed me to another level. We all had a nice chitchatting session over a meal with the chef and the director of the Golf Resort along with his family. It was great knowing them personally. Of course we made new friends over lunch 😉

The day was coming to an end. After the meal and long discussions on work and other things, we were headed for a quick Golf training session from the experts. Each of us tried our hands at the holding the bat to hitting the ball to the spot. Not everyone was a failure here, as practice makes a man perfect :) Post the training session, we took a good 15-20 minute ride of the whole property on Golf carts. The property is huge and yes the maintenance is high to keep up with its name. Appreciate the kind of effort has been put into building the property and taken good care of. Wish the ride never ended, but all good things come to an end.
P.S. When a Golfie is aiming his shot, there should be utter silence for him to concentrate.
We were all smiles on our way back home, taking memories in abundance. Tried clicking a few images of this place, hope you guys enjoy watching it. Meanwhile, I just can’t stop thinking of taking a trip back to this place with family.

Mr. Jayant Dofey, Head of the Adventure Operations
L to R: Zuric, Taskania
Appetizer – Crab Stick Salad, Sushi, Nigiri, Chicken Teriyaki Bao
Entree – Chicken Schnitzel with Truffle Fries & Olive, Jalapeno, and Charred Corn Salad
Main Course – Gosth Biryani with Tzatziki Flat Bread Kheema Pizza
Dessert – Dark Chocolate Mousse, Sago Cream, Jalebi Creme
Cocktail – Japanese Cider

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