Organic Harvest Store Launch, Juhu


If you follow me on Instagram, you are sure to be well-versed with my present juggling activity from store launch to product launch and many such events. But I am definitely not complaining about the hassle, infact it is the best and the most fun part about my job as I get to experience new things and also meet so many wonderful people on-the-go. It only gets better and better with time.

Talking about the recent store launch, Organic Harvest opens its 11th exclusive brand outlet in Juhu, Tara Road, Mumbai. The store exhibits the entire range of Organic Harvest products, comprising of more than 60 hair care, skin care and body care products along with 26 varieties of essential oils. The product range starts from Rs. 149 and goes up to Rs. 1995. It is said to be India’s only brand that offers a complete range of organic personal care and beauty products. The brand embraces the organic power of plants and its botanical extracts in abundance combined with organic and natural ingredients *what more can a natural beauty lover ask for :) *

This is not enough. The launch had a Hawaii theme to add to all the spark at the event. The store was decked up accordingly, keeping the theme in mind. We were all welcomed with some mouth watering delights along with a Hawaii drink and pearl necklace matching our outfits that very well suited the theme. To top it all, an amazing hair-dresser present at the launch made us some glamourous hairstyles too making it easier for us to pose for the shutterbugs 😉 (as seen here).
What a fun noon it was!

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