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5Location – Lemon Tree Premier Hotel, Bengaluru

Taking a break from your everyday rut is always a good idea, specially in a place like Bengaluru where you get to experience cold and pleasant weather of 22 degree. WOW! Relaxing and rejuvenating and a much needed break which I can’t stop talking about (also see my vacation look 1 here, many more coming so stay tuned!). To talk about a good vacation, your trip becomes one memorable set if your hotel which becomes your second home for that little period is good and clean. Lemon Tree PREMIER in Bengaluru gave me one such amazing experience. Clean and happy place, quick service, friendly and helping staff and a sweet lemon fragrance justifying it’s name all around was just fantabulous.
Situated in the main city and in one of the best areas in Bengaluru, Lemon Tree PREMIER was worth spending all the bucks. A well-deserved 5 star hotel. The good thing about this hotel was it had a variety of food joints in the very next lane. Isn’t that convenient?! Yes, totally! We could hog on to different dishes after a long day.
To add more to the relaxing part after a long day, the hotel had a well equipped gym, a lavish pool (which was my most favourite place in the hotel) and a spa with varied services just for you to enjoy your stay to the fullest.

To sum it up, I had a great stay in Bengaluru. The next time you are heading to Bengaluru or any other place you know where to book your relaxing stay at as the Lemon Tree PREMIER hotel have a wide chain across India.

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  1. That’s an amazing hotel group. Had availed there service once in Gurgaon ambience was too good & for your trip the pictures that you have uploaded spoked aloud about the refreshment & the experience you had. Awesome !

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