Khandala, Lonavala

Hill stations are your best friend in monsoon. Reason being? They treat you with the best possible vision of mother nature in terms of dark clouds, blue skies, green mountains, waterfalls and with many more environment friendly colours. My recent one day trip to Khandala, Lonavala was one such rejuvenating experience. This place needs no further introduction. The weather was so pleasant and windy here, that it actually gave us chills while standing at the peak. It is also very famous for its Maganlal/A1 chikkis (readily available in variety) and chocolate ‘Cooper’ fudge (freshly made). I am sure you guys must have had them. If not, then do add it to your MUST-HAVE list when you plan a trip next :) Khandala, Lonavala is supposed to be the ideal place for a mumbaikar, who could whisk away for a short and refreshing trip over a long weekend with family or friends.

The nature is surreal here, like never seen before, especially in a metropolitan city like Mumbai where experiencing greenery is only a dream now. I am not complaining, but sometimes we do miss seeing the enchanting colours of sunrise and sunset which gets hidden behind the skyscrapers. Nevertheless, places like these are always available to rescue us from the regular mundane and treat our eyes with its serenity. The air so fresh and pure, the atmosphere so peaceful and pollution free that it makes you crave for more and more never letting you leave. Below is a gist of images that I could capture on a barely 12 hour trip. Hope you guys enjoy it too as much as I did :)

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