Happy Socks Happy Feet

Styling is a great way to depict your current mood. People around you can take an easy guess what you are feeling at that particular moment with the way your present yourself. But dressing good always adds a lot of positive vibes around you automatically. This is actually a self experimented statement. I really feel good and confident at the same time when dressed well. Also to add to it, never forget to adorn the right kind of attitude which goes well with your look and personality. Clothes make a strong visual statement about how you see yourself. Appropriate dressing is also a way of expressing respect for the situation and the people in it. Hence, your look should always match the occasion and also the kind of people you meet and interact with at that very event/occasion.

Just recently, while taking a stroll in the mall, I got my eyes on Happy Socks 7 days a week box which contains socks for each day with some cool prints on it. The best part is you can pick socks with prints of your choice while compiling the box together in the store and then style it the way you want to. This means everyday while heading out you have a new pair of socks with some cool new prints and style to flaunt. I picked up 7 eye-catching prints and tried styling them in a few wearable ways. My looks here are colour coordinated with the socks and prints on it. But you can always come up with ideas which makes your look stand out.

P.S. Happy Socks are a new way of making a style statement specially who love playing with prints and colours 😉


Hairstyle – LookFab32
Photos by – Bhavin Nahar
Location – Hoppipola, Malad

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