Garnier Ultra Blends launch Event


‘Tis the season of new launches and back-to-back events (keep yourself updated here). It gets a little hectic in the month of Ramadan, but there ain’t no stopping. As someone has rightly said, “No Gain Without Pain.” The pain is sweet here resulting into fruitful achievements 😉 The world is turning digital and how with brands creating massive launches for their new products which also results in an online buzz. Digital medium is definitely helping brands reach a larger mass and appropriate audience.

Garnier is one of the renowned brands with a huge variety of Hair Care and Skin Care range for men-women both. Adding a twist to it’s Hair Care range, Garnier recently launched Ultra Blends which is a mixture of natural and rich ingredients blended with love, just for your hair. This is more than a shampoo and conditioner. Its Hair Care from the heart of nature. Crafted. Pure. Organic. Paraben-free. Guilt-free. Its loving care blended for naturally beautiful hair.

Having said that about Garnier and it’s newly launched Hair Care products, the event was such a lavish satire. The set-up was so fresh, green and beautiful just like a visual treat to your eyes.  In the midst of Palladium Mall, Lower Parel it was only seeking attention from the passing by audience.

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2 Responses to “Garnier Ultra Blends launch Event”

  1. Aisha

    Pretty lady… I hv an oily scalp n dry ends which 1 vl suit my hair?

  2. You should try Mythic Olive from the #UltraBlends range for dry ends :)

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