Eid Al-Adha 2018


Details On Me; Outfit – Maryum N Maria, Heels – ZARA, Jewelry – Mom’s closet, Watch – Just Cavalli, On My Lips – Stunna Lip Paint by Fenty Beauty 

Festivals bring colours and joy in our regular lives. Getting up early in the morning, offering prayers, new clothes and makeup, getting ready for the day, meeting friends/relatives over lunch and dinner, lots of gossip, outings, namely are a few best part about our festivals. The excitement level is at its peak on that particular day. Just for a day long celebration, planning and shopping begins days and months in advance. Festivals are an endless celebration added with happiness, laughter and leaves a mark while you wait for what the next one would be like.

With the passing of Eid Al-Adha (popularly known Bakrid), Islamic festivals have almost ended for the year 2018. Each Eid has been special and new in its own way. And like always, choosing an appropriate EID outfit, different from the previous one is tricky. So this time around, I choose a colour I have actually never experimented with. Mustard. This colour has actually made its way to my favourite list. Absolutely loved the way how my outfit turned out to be. The gold and silver embroidery on the suit tried breaking the monotony of the colour perfectly. This is from a Pakistani dsingers latest Eid Collection named, Maryum N Maria (seen here). This outfit could be a good pick for a Haldi function too instead of Eid. The versatility of the designers and their pieces is unique. I am kinda awestruck with the amazing collection they bring in every time for festivals or weddings. I wanted my dress to be the highlight of the day and hence I kept the hairstyle and jewelry very minimal. A touch of bold lips just to add a pop of colour and mild Smokey eyes completed my look.

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