Dubai/Abu Dhabi 2019 (Part 2)

Hi friends! Hope February is rolling good so far. Winter season in Mumbai has been just so perfect. Isn’t it? Wish it could be the same all year round. Oh! And how I miss the winter in Dubai as well. Wondering what it would be like now. Well, hope you guys had a chance to read the Phase 1 of my Dubai experience. Let’s begin to pen down my experience with the city for the last 3 days.

Day 5

Sheikh Zayed Mosque


Louvre Abu Dhabi


So this day was dedicated to visiting Abu Dhabi and exploring a few renowned places there. We began early from our hotel for Abu Dhabi because it takes almost an hour and a half to reach Abu Dhabi from Dubai. The first place where we halted for a brief time was Sheikh Zayed Mosque. It was Friday and we wanted to offer namaz in the beautiful mosque. The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is beyond beautiful. I have no words to describe the purity and serenity of this place. You’ll only know when you see it for yourself. It was purely sometime for the soul. This place offers immense spiritual positivity. It was a much needed soul, refining break. We spent the afternoon in the mosque exploring every nook and corner of this beautiful place. Of course you never want to leave such places, but only if that was possible. The next destination for the day was ‘Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum’. I am sure a place like Louvre needs no introduction. This museum was like an Island build on water. The sight was mesmerizing and so calm. Perfect to visit if you want to gain some knowledge about Greek or Parisian facts. We spent the 2nd half of our day exploring the museum and seeing some visually appealing intricate interior design of this place. At the end of the museum, we also enjoyed some Arabic music played by a bunch of handsome Arabs. It was time to head back to our hotel in Dubai and rest for the night.

Day 6

Atana Hotel


Desert Safari


The second last day of our trip was like a roller coaster ride, because after doing some handful of shopping from the ‘Mall of Emirates’ which was nearby our hotel it was time for some Desert Safari. At around 3 PM we left our hotel for the safari ride. When in Dubai, desert safari is a must. My words will not do justification while describing the experience, but I will try putting it down here somehow. Watching the car clashing the sand dunes and the sunset in the middle of the desert is a sight to look out for. After a fabulous ride in the desert, we headed to a camp place where we got to experience some fun belly dancing, fire dance, Mehendi, camel ride, hookah, photography in special Dubai attire and food of course. With some amazing memories captured for a lifetime, we headed back to the hotel.

Day 7

At The Top, Bruj Khalifa


Human Waterfall, The Dubai Mall


Terminal 2, Dubai International Airport


The final day of our trip arrived. We checked out of the hotel at around 10 AM with our luggage locked in the hotel locker. It was time to visit the much-awaited place, Bruj Khalifa. At The Top, Bruj Khalifa has its ticket booking counter and entrance via ‘The Dubai Mall’. We visited the 124th and 125th floor of the worlds tallest building. The experience was surreal. The view from the top was magnificent. Only the pictures above can describe what I actually want to say. We could see the whole of Dubai from the top. After ticking off almost everything from our bucket list, we shopped a little, watched the amazing water fountain dance on some refreshing Arabic music tunes, had lunch, picked our luggage back from the hotel and left for the Airport with a heavy heart and lots of wonderful memories captured to cherish for a lifetime.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my experience as much as I enjoyed living it for real :)

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