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Some brands needs no introduction and Garnier is one of a kind. Renowned and trusted is what it is known for. From kids to teens to the adults, we all have been using our favourite Garnier products from it’s vast range over the years now and have only cherished the end results.
Brand with so much faith from the masses ultimately becomes peoples choice without having to say much about its products. I remember using Garnier’s Fructis Hair Care range. Have been a fan of it’s packaging, the mild fragrance that comes from the trails of hair after the wash and of course how the product made my hair felt, the result. The after effect is something we all look for after spending bucks on a certain brand and Garnier just gives us that. I also love the fact that it is pocket friendly.

Garnier recently launched their Ultra Blends Hair Care range with 5 unique blend of products in a shampoo and conditioner combination (read the launch story here). The first range that caught my attention was Mythic Olive, that promises intense nourishment for dry hair. I have been a sucker of products that contains mythic oil as it suits my dry hair and helps managing it better. Olive Oil used in this blend is from the Mediterranean olive, which is packed with antioxidants to fight free radicals and keep your skin looking youthful and your hair glossy. This connects us to the next range which is a blend of Henna & Blackberry. Pure Henna is known for its deep conditioning and nourishing power that infuses life into dull and dry locks. While Blackberries with their high concentration of anti-oxidants and Vitamin C makes your hair shine with life.

Moving on to the 3rd range which is an interesting blend of Royal Jelly & Lavender. This Ultra Blend promises to re-build and restructure the hair strand by strand to give stronger, fuller and resistant to fall. Royal Jelly is an extract of the beehive, known to be rich in amino acids, vitamins and lipids that help reinforce and strengthen your hair which is combined with the extracts from the lavender plant that have been used since the Middle Ages to purify and renew, ultimately preventing hair breakage. After curing the hair fall comes a treatment for damaged hair, Soy Milk & Almonds. Known for of its high protein content, Soy Milk replenishes and restores your hair to make it incredibly soft to touch. And Almonds being rich in Vitamin E have been used in India since time immemorial to provide long-lasting deep nourishment to your hair. A protein-rich blend good for summers which will protect your hair from heat and pollution. Moving on to the last range that is called the 5 Precious Herbs. This is a blend that combines the best of nature to detoxify the scalp and give hair that is full of life. The 5 herbs include Green tea which stimulates micro-circulation. Eucalyptus which has incredible healing properties, Lemon which enhances natural shine, Aloe which provides the much needed moisture & Henna which deep conditions.

The brand claims all of it to be a loving care blend for naturally beautiful hair suiting India hair types.

VI Ratings: 4/5

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