Andy’s 1979 Boutique Hotel, Madh Island, Malad, Mumbai

Sunny Poolside Restaurant
Welcome Drink – Coconut Water
Exotica Restaurant
Tea-Time Preparations
Felix Bar
Corn Cilantro Volvon
Watermelon Feta Cheese
Broccoli & Asparagus Soup with Cheese Strow
Grill Prawns/Stuff Zuccni with Tomato Glaz
Chicken Tikka Masala
Mutton Rogan Josh
Chocolate Truffle Pastry

6                         Location – Andy’s Boutique Hotel, Madh, Malad

Hi dear friends! I am finally putting up my one day experience with the newly launched luxurious resort called Andy’s Boutique Hotel which is located on the way to Madh Island. Can’t tell you guys how excited I am while I share this rejuvenating experience with you all. Also happy to announce that Mumbai adds one more feather to the cap as it opens the door to yet another exciting weekend getaway. Gear up all you party animals, this place will make you feel home away from home. I am sure a lot of us, especially the ones residing in Mumbai has grown up playing on the beaches of Madh and Marve. We come across a lot of resorts on our way to these beaches, some of which are very well maintained and some are not. But this place is one of a kind. As the name suggests, it’s a boutique hotel where you get to customize your stay according to your wish. Exciting, isn’t it? :) It’s like a taking a break in the city being far away from the city. Because the minute you step in here, you don’t feel like you are in the city anymore. That’s the power of this place.

So for all of you who haven’t already seen my Snapchat (username – zubixenia) and Insta Stories – I went to Andy’s Boutique Hotel over the weekend to experience the luxury and best of nature this place can offer us. And to tell you a fact, I was stumped by the ambiance and great hospitality that they offered. This place has everything you could think of while you are in a mood to party or plan a quick break from the mundane. Your mood sets right the minute you step in here. We were invited for a day long stay for high-tea to dinner. And of course I dint want to leave after experiencing this place. Nevertheless, I am definitely coming back.

The minute you enter the hotel, you are greeted with happy and smiling faces along with a welcome drink. This place have 4 beautiful walk-in restaurants and 6 cottages just in case if you plan a staycation. All 4 restaurants offer different feel and ambiance which you can choose depending on your mood along with world fusion gourmet traditionally prepared with the purest ingredients. The 6 cottages are named after most exquisite flowers which is present in the room representing the names and spreading their fragrance in the air. The rooms also gives you an eye-catching and lavish interiors. These cottages even offer in-room dining where they have a personal butler for each room to take care of all your need while you relax and rest in your royal adobe. Every detailing has been personally taken care of by the owner of this place with a reason as to why it has been made in a particular way. A perfect place for family, kids or newly wedded couples 😉 You can even host parties or wedding occasions if any as they have a fancy poolside banquet with huge speakers.

My most favourite part of this place has to be the Felix Bar which offers cheers-worthy drinksfoot tapping music and mouth watering food. A full service bar in the open air, which offers you everything you need to loosen up and get your spirits high. A proper seven-course meal is served at the restaurants with regular interval which is more like a french version, which allows you to enjoy every bite of your meal rather than just eat or hog. If you have a huge family which usually we Indians do or a big friend circle comprising of couples mostly, you can be the owner of the whole place by booking all 6 cottages for yourself.
This place offers the perfect setting for rare moments of romance, adventure and excitement. What more could you possibly even ask for when on a break, right? :)

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  1. Thanks for letting us know about this new place…we will surely visit

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